The Eternal Realm Update is Now Live!

Stay tuned for Tales of Gaia and don’t forget there is more to come with the following updates!

April 27 ,2018

NEWS April 11, 2018

Tales of Gaia's Global Launch Has Arrived!


Long before Gaia was shattered by the invasion of darkness, its people were drawn into a fierce war along faction lines. As humans, elves, and dwarves battle each other in an attempt to take over the planet, they each enlist the help of forces beyond their control. Dragons and dark magic are powerful weapons with unforeseen consequences. Who will emerge victorious? And what will become of Gaia's future?


Hack, slash, and blast your way through a massive magical world, hold your own in real-time combat, destroy epic bosses, and so much more in Tales of Gaia. The planet's fate is in your hands.


We can barely contain our excitement, warriors—Tales of Gaia is NOW AVAILABLE for iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play! Click on the buttons below to get Tales of Gaia on your device OS, or search " Tales of Gaia" in your preferred app store to start your adventure!




In addition to the release of the game, we will be launching several game servers. Players can choose to join the servers going live at the following times :


US Server: 20:00 p.m. (UTC-4), April 10th.

EU Server: 01:00 a.m. (UTC+1), April 11th

SA Server: 21:00 p.m. (UTC-3), April 10th


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Endless adventure awaits in the world of Tales of Gaia--we'll see you on the battlefield!