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April 27 ,2018

NEWS August 10, 2017

Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia - Three Races Introduction


Long before Gaia was shattered by the invasion of darkness, its people were drawn into a fierce war along faction lines. As humans, elves, and dwarves battle each other in an attempt to take over the planet, they each enlist the help of forces beyond their control. Dragons and dark magic are powerful weapons with unforeseen consequences. All of them are waiting for a hero, who will emerge victoriously and become of Gaia's future.


In Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia there are three races: Human, Elf and Valiant.


Human--Knight of Gods

After the plague, the Creator Gauze made a new race: human and let them live in different territories. Humans build cities and temples to worship the Creator Gauze or God of the territory. Humans, due to freedom of faith, has started a golden age for themselvers. Because of being created by the Creator Gauze himself, humans are born with curiosity and fast learning talent. Humans can make the most of vigorous figure and smart understanding of magic, thus making them the most invisible existence on Gaia. Human believe in the Creator Gauze and other gods. Strong faith has authorized them with powerful magic and Superb sword skills. 




Elf is create by the God of Neutra. They are born beautiful, slim and residing in the most beautiful woods, dancing with the dawn. Most Elves are kind-hearted and they cured thousands of creatures with their magic during the plague. Therefore, Elves have kept a harmonious relationship with other races. All livings on the continent of Gaia had war against the powerful Ancient Dragons throughout the Chaotic century. Fight as Elementist and help as Healer, seriously wounded soldiers were almost cured by elves` powerful magic, which won them the crowning glory. Believe in the God of Neutra, Elf can precisely apperceive magical elements from everything in Nature, extract the essence and use as their own. 




Valiants take their strength from Sypher, the god of wind and speed. These tall, muscular warriors make their home in a harsh desert, and feel quite at home in the baking sun and scalding hot sands. Valiants are warriors of few words. They prefer instead to let their battles do the talking--most notably in their ancient fight against the dragons. Their wrath is feared across Gaia, and they deal deadly blows with hammers and fists alike. They are not ones to be challenged lightly. A battle against the Valiants will be a true test of your strength.